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January 04, 2007


Bitch | Lab

holy hell. this is the fantubolisty -- and not just coz you flattered me so. you know, I totally dig how you connect theory to concrete, on the ground stuff going on.

i have been tossing an idea back and forth with Blackamazon, a publication project that would help ground theory in everyday life. if my life ever settles down, maybe i'll get back to developing that idea a bit more.


glad you liked. i'm very impressed with what you are doing here -- and just coz you are able to completely redo your blog's entire template overnight just to make a theoretical point (i suppose that working in web development has its advantages...)

Renegade Eye

Gay marriage will march forward. The box is open, and it can't return back. In Massachusetts it was a temporary setback.


Absolutely; at this point it does appear to be a rather peculiar legalistic exercise (given the political climate in MA, at any rate).

On the other hand, I am not sure I would use the metaphor of opening [Pandora's] box to describe to describe the legalization of gay marriage (assuming, that is, that retains a relatively optimistic view of the institution of marriage).

Anthony J. Kennerson

WOW...kinda surprised to be linked by such a prestigeous blog...but I am very, very flattered and honored.

And I do agree with the point on gay marriage...were it not for the stupidity and backwardness of the Religious Right (and the lack of spine on far too many liberals, too), there would be no issue with two people who love each other sanctifying their commitment. Ultimately, truth and sanity will prevail over hate....ultimately.

(The 'Dog Behind "The SmackDog Chronicles" Blog)


Thanks Anthony.
I don't know about "prestigious," but I do agree with you about truth and sanity prevailing. The path, however, will probably not be a straight one--after all, even San Francisco had to reverse itself on the issue.

Renegade Eye

Even losing referendums won't stop gay marriage.



nick wassner

Look at this
Interesting here i would love to see "gays" be able to get married its not my place to not allow this


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