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July 21, 2006


Renegade Eye

Idol contestants have a conformist music style. The underdog is the one, who is maybe older, less presentable looking, sings in a different tradition, than pop. They represent resentment. They end up merging with pop culture, to win.


Many thanks. I think you are certainly correct that the format of the show requires contestants (including underdogs) to conform to popular expectations and merge with popular culture. I am not certain, however, whether you are implying that it is the underdog who usually wins? As a very casual observer of the show, I'm not certain that is the case....


Also, a tidbit, and a correction:
Fox News ran a piece on Friday announcing that Idol finalists will meet with Bush:

Hicks won the most recent season's contest May 24 after 63 million votes were cast for him in the season finale. That's more than the 59 million that Bush got in 2004, a record in any U.S. presidential election. Although, to be fair, voters can cast more than one ballot on "American Idol."

This is wrong on two counts. First, the 63 million votes were not all for Hicks, but rather this is the total number cast for the show itself. Second, Bush did not receive 59 million votes in 2004--Kerry did. Bush actually received 62 million (interesting mistake for Fox to make!). Finally, I realize now that I was mistaken in stating in my post that Reagan in 1984 had received the most votes of any US president, with 54 million. (I got this from a report in the Guardian, which is apparently somewhat behind the times).


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