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May 05, 2006



comments have been carried over from naked gaze's former home at blogger:

s0metim3s said...
Carlos, when you're done, do you want to xpost this to LS, or would you prefer a link back from there? Or should I just go ahead and compile, notwithstanding this still being written?
2:17 AM

roger said...
Carlos, great post. One thing, though, about the Chernobyl anniversary – it is sorta misleading to call it an anniversary. Chernobyl is now here, and will be here, for the next 60 centuries. The sarcophagus in which it is now encased badly needs replacing. Probably, it will have to be replaced 3 or 4 times a century. Our pyramid of sacrifice will keep on giving. And of course we have to hope that no earthquake strikes in the next 6,000 years. And remember, the Chernobyl design is still being used – it is used at the nuclear reactor that provides Petersburg’s power, and it is used by something like 5 other nuclear power plants in the former U.S.S.R. Meanwhile, capitalism keeps triumphing. The latest capitalist triumph was the arrest of the Yevgeny Adamov, who, taking a leaf out of Halliburton’s book, realized that there was no need for the 5 billion dollars allocated to the department of energy for nuclear safety to really go to nuclear safety, when it could go to, well, cocaine, cars, the kids, bodyguards, the house, and the good life in general. Actually, he was extradited to Russia from Switzerland and imprisoned on a 110 million dollar fraud charge to keep him from being indicted in the U.S. on a much more severe charge. Friends, you know.

Myself, I think nuclear power will head down the same road as cars – just as we have gotten use to about a million car fatalities a year worldwide, we will simply get use to little spikes of birth defects and cancer. There is no getting off the treadmill of production. One of the mysteries of Chernobyl still is – what is inside the sarcophagus? The idea at the moment is that 170 tons of uranium dioxide are sealed in the reactor, and that the have formed a new kind of mineral, combining with the stuff dumped on the reactor in the aftermath of the explosion and other minerals of the reactors original structure. They have sent in robots, of course, in the last twenty years, but in certain areas, the electronics of the robots were immediately destroyed by the high ambient radiation. Chernobyl is literally the first human construction that we can’t see. We have created a blind spot. And of course, the sarcophagus around the structure isn’t even linked to the concrete slab put under the structure, which itself, in 6,000 years, might suffer a wee bit of deterioration.

Another link to the symbols of communism that might be relevant to your series: the May 1st parade in Kiev was not canceled by Soviet officials as atom bomb amounts of radiation were coming out of the damaged reactor in 1986. So the parade was held, outside, in the usual way, while a cloud of radiation swept through Kiev. Due to vagaries in the dispersion of radioactivity, some of Kiev became more radioactive than parts of the forbidden zone. Of course, twenty years later, the Chernobyl denial industry, headed by the IAEA, Putin, the Ukrainian government, and other interested parties, think it is silly and hysterical to suspect that irradiated populations might suffer chronic and unexpected diseases and psychological problems. Unless you show up with a handful of cesium at the IAEA offices, you will not be counted as a casualty.

Oh well. Chernobyl is a planet we will definitely hear from again.
9:25 PM

crojas said...
This is very useful. Your points about Chernobyl are very well taken. Of course, the point about anniversaries not marking a terminus, but rather a recognition that the people/events in question continue to remain with us is, of course, one of the central points I have been trying to make in my discussion of spectral returns.

On a separate note, I was very intrigued by your remarks that "Chernobyl is literally the first human construction that we can’t see. We have created a blind spot," as I am currently writing a few things regarding imagery and obscenity (to come soon).
8:24 AM

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